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The Bridge is an exceptional five-day personal development experience that offers life transformation through deep healing. Developed by Donna Lancaster and Gabi Krueger, The Bridge takes you on a soulful journey of cathartic remembering. This residential course does not promise to create a new you; rather it enables you to return to your True Self – your inherent nature and your authentic source of peace, love and freedom.

The Bridge uses a powerful mixture of silence, catharsis, meditation, visualisation, witnessing, ritual, expressive breath and body work, movement, dance, touch and the healing power of love.

This highly effective experience takes you on a deeply profound three-phase journey:

The Past
In order to fully inhabit the present moment, we go back in time to complete unfinished business with your past, such as unresolved family and ancestral wounding’, negative school experiences, missed life opportunities and significant losses. You are safely supported to fully grieve, surrender and move beyond your negative past.

The Present
In this phase you address your powerful internal blocks, defence strategies and self limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward. These blocks may be related to your self-worth, relationships, career, money, boundaries, life-purpose and we will explore your capacity to give and receive love. You are skilfully guided to become wholly present to your life and your world.

The Future
We use a fresh-eyes perspective to allow a new way to be present to yourself. As a result of the transformational processes in Phases One and Two, you fully access your inner wisdom and trust in Universal support. This phase focuses on integration, gratitude, service and Grace. You are unencumbered by the myth of thoughts, embodying a place of trust, truth and love.

Crossing The Bridge
takes courage of heart,
wisdom of soul and
vulnerability of emotions.
Are you ready to cross?


“It produced in me an effect that the greatest artists can only hope for – rich epiphanies and insight, and the most intense catharsis… I feel alive.”

Nirpal Dhaliwal – Sunday Times Style magazine

“Totally and utterly mind-blowing….In terms of therapy or healing work, this was the single most effective thing I’ve ever done. The Bridge sparked an emotional shift, which feels very profound.”

Sharon Walker – Queen of Retreats

“The work of The Bridge is so remarkably profound! It’s an amazing achievement and created with such integrity to sustain a true awakening – not just another band-aid solution. It’s one of the most powerful ways of affecting change in this world. After all the years I’ve spent working in conflict zones around the world, I’m sure of it. Now to get as many people as possible to cross The Bridge! What a world it could be..imagine that!”
Charla Jones
The Bridge Participant April 2015

“I would sign up for any course conceived by Donna and Gabi because they are wise, insightful, inspiring, empathetic, non-judgemental, extraordinarily experienced and unequalled in the loving way they help clients to recognise and realise the best of ourselves.

I signed up for the Bridge specifically to come to terms with the ending of a long marriage. In the course of the process I felt able to honour the past and then let go of it. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and happier, it was like taking off a heavy overcoat of grief that had been dragging me down for three years.”

Belinda, The Bridge Participant April 2015

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