Relationship coaching can support couples to reignite that spark and ultimately deepen their loving connection through addressing any blocks that may be preventing this from happening. Donna creates a safe and relaxed space for the couple to come together to really explore their relationship on all levels. The sessions enable couples to enhance their understanding of why they think, feel and act they way they do in the relationship and provides a range of practical tools to enable the desired changes. The sessions are varied and adapted according to the needs of the couple but with a focus on healthy communication, addressing blocks to true intimacy and recreating a loving bond and connection.

Relationship coaching is for any couple wanting to build on or regain a deep loving connection. It can be especially supportive to couples if there has a been a breach of trust in the relationship (through an affair for example) or simply for those who know the love is there but feel that a certain ‘magic’ has been lost along the way perhaps through the passage of time, raising children, life stresses or other unforeseen factors.

Donna also works with couples who have decided to separate and/or divorce supporting them to ‘say goodbye’ and move on with loving kindness and mutual respect. Relationship coaching is available for other relationships apart from couples, such as mother and daughter, siblings, father and son.

Couples coaching is offered in half day intensives eg. 2 x 2 hour sessions with a break in-between, to allow couples to work on their relationship in a deeper way with faster results. All sessions are followed up with an action plan email. Couples can come for a one off session or more if they wish to, but the intention is to allow couples to release and let go of any blocks to intimacy and provide them with a range of tools to support them in their day to day relating.

Donna, along with her colleague, Breath Coach Alan Dolan, also offers bespoke couples retreats in Lanzarote. Retreats like no other! For more information:


£650  for  half day intensive
2 x 2 hour coaching sessions with a break in between.

• Session 1:
2-4pm •
• 30-60 minute break •
• Session 2: 4.30-6.30pm •

“We carry the past like fingerprints marked on our hearts and relationships are the mirror that makes them visible. Through relationships we see everything we don’t accept about ourselves with love and compassion. If we can dare to look and not run away, these things can be healed.” – Menis Yousry