Donna Lancaster
Co-Founder & Facilitator
of The Bridge
Relationship & Life Coach

Donna has been working with individuals, couples and groups for over twenty years. She originally trained as a social worker, specialising in child protection and worked extensively within this and related fields for ten years. She is a registered member of the Health and Care Professions Council.


Donna is an experienced group facilitator and trained in Advanced Facilitation with the Brathay Academy and The Life Long Learning Company. She has designed and delivered accredited courses on a range of subjects including effective communication, enhancing motivation, living authentically and understanding relationships. She has delivered these courses in a range of environments including women’s refuges, schools and prisons, both in the UK and South Africa.


In 2005 Donna began her training to become a Hoffman Teacher with the Hoffman Institute UK and qualified in 2007. She became a Supervising Hoffman Teacher in 2009 and then Head of Teaching between 2011-2013 during which time she worked closely with the UK Hoffman Founders and Teachers to ensure the quality and standards of the Hoffman Process.


Donna completed the Imago Relationship Clinical Training Programme in 2009 and went on to train with the Centre for Systemic Constellations in 2014 to support her work in appreciating and honouring the ancestral influences and dynamics at play in relationships and life generally.


Donna is passionate about the subject of grief and the grieving process which she believes offers the missing link for many in their search for wholeness. This interest stemmed from her own very personal experience of ‘depression’ which she suffered from for many years, and now knows to have in fact been unprocessed grief. Donna has attended trainings with the West African spiritual teacher Sobonfu Somé on grief and ritual for healing and her work is also heavily influenced by the teachings of the eminent psychotherapist and author David Richo.


In her coaching work, Donna uses a variety of approaches including rituals to support people to grieve and move on from their losses. These losses can include bereavements, divorce and separation, loss of innocence, betrayals of trust, identity, empty nest syndrome and lost opportunities. Through allowing and supporting the natural order of the grieving process to flow, people find themselves remembering who they really are and living from this true place. Donna is currently writing a book about Grief and Ritual for Healing called ‘The Secret Bridge to Joy’.


‘When there is ‘unfinished business’ in our lives, it is very hard to move on and engage with life fully. Grieving allows us to cross the bridge from past hurts and sorrow into a place of lightness and joy ‘
Donna Lancaster


Along with her colleague Gabi Krueger, Donna has recently developed a five day residential personal development programme called The Bridge. This course offers a route to healing using a combination of ritual, visualisation, meditation, breath and body work.
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Donna has a busy coaching practice in London (St John’s Wood) and works with individuals and couples internationally. She is fully insured and receives regular professional supervision.


Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

David Richo