Donna works with individuals to support them in dealing with life challenges, whether these are relationship, grief, work, parenting, boundaries, stress or self esteem related.


Relationship coaching can support couples to reignite that ‘spark’ and ultimately deepen their loving connection, addressing any blocks that may be preventing this from happening.

It is sometimes possible for Donna to do home visits for extended coaching sessions – please enquire for details.

Discounted fees are available in certain circumstances – please ask.


I met Donna in September 2013, at the start of my self development journey, during the Hoffman Process. Her warmth, contagious energy and genuine compassion made it clear to me early in the Process I had met someone unique, someone I wanted to guide me through this journey post Hoffman. With utmost respect and kindness, Donna unpicked the most stubborn of my behavioural patterns and gave me the tools to become aware of them. But most importantly, Donna taught me to be kind to myself. I look forward to continuing this fantastic journey guided by a truly astounding life coach, Donna Lancaster.
"Donna's warmth, clarity and groundedness always give me the confidence to dig deep and reach for the best I can be in every area of my life."
"Donna is an incredible woman, she has so much love, compassion and warmth mixed with a huge dose of knowledge and understanding. My life has gone from black and white to glorious technicolour. My relationship has improved too, we have learnt how to communicate with each other and not react, to realise what is our own stuff and not a projection."
"Before I met Donna, someone said to me "There is something very special about Donna"  They were right. Donna taught me how to love myself and to allow others to love me. She gave me permission to grieve and to let go of my past so I can be the person I am meant to be. I have felt and continue to feel inspired and supported throughout my journey and I feel truly grateful and blessed to have worked with her."